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Sushi from Dingle, Ireland

Dingle Sushi is the creation of Magda and Marcin Kopec. This family-owned business operating from Dingle, located on the rugged south-west coast of Ireland is a true reflection of the mix of people, cultures and flavours. In 2014 We were making sushi for family & friends, catering for those with different dietary preferences. With encouragement from family & friends, We saw the opening in the market for high quality sushi and it was from there that We decided to launch our own range of sushi, originally for the Kerry region. Specialising in sushi making, the mission of Dingle Sushi has been to share the love of Japanese and Asian flavours with Irish consumers, through creating delicious, healthy & convenient food products. Food from the Orient, using local products; it reads like a cultural conundrum, but is instead a happy tale of culinary aptitude, entrepreneurship, determination and perseverance. The ethos of Dingle Sushi remains customer focused to deliver delicious, healthy & high-quality convenient meal solutions. Achieving & maintaining high standards of quality & freshness is at the core of Dingle Sushi.

We make sushi with passion

Quality products

All sushi items in the range are bursting with goodness and freshly prepared for you to enjoy. Mouth-watering slivers of fresh Irish fish sit atop perfectly cooked and vinegared rice. From classic smoked salmon to meaty crab and glazed eel, our fine local ingredients are guaranteed to delight taste buds. All sushi is handmade fresh and served within hours of preparation to ensure the best quality, freshness and flavours in our recipes. Dingle sushi ensure that only locally sourced ingredients are used in all products. With the great support from the local community, and much appreciated assistance from  Údarás na Gaeltachta, Dingle Sushi is going from strength to strength. Dingle Sushi specialise in hand rolled top-quality sushi made to order, ensuring consistency is a top priority. Our pre-packed sushi is a perfect choice for those on the go, for lunch, or later. The highly skilled, dedicated staff want to ensure that each time you eat at Dingle Sushi you taste the difference. With Dingle Sushi, you are always guaranteed you’re eating delicious, nutritious sushi of the freshest quality!

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